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China Medical Oxygen Cylinder

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China Medical Oxygen Cylinder: Lifesavers in Dhaka, Bangladesh If you're in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and need oxygen therapy or emergency medical care, …

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China Medical Oxygen Cylinder: Lifesavers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you’re in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and need oxygen therapy or emergency medical care, there’s one name you should know – China Medical Oxygen Cylinders. These cylinders are the go-to choice for home oxygen therapy, pre-hospital medical care, and emergency oxygen needs. In this article, we’ll dive into all you need to know about these lifesaving cylinders in Dhaka, BD.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Dhaka

China Oxygen Cylinder Home Services in Dhaka

Imagine a service that delivers oxygen cylinders to your doorstep 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s precisely what China Medical Oxygen Cylinders offers in Dhaka. With a simple call, you can have their expert medical team set up an oxygen cylinder at your home within just one hour.

Pricing That Eases Your Worries

China Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. China oxygen cylinders are not only a lifeline but also budget-friendly. Prices start at just BD 8500. You can’t put a price on health, but if you could, this would be it.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent or Refill, They’ve Got You Covered

Oxygen Cylinder Rental and Refill Services

Whether you need to rent a medical oxygen cylinder in Dhaka city or require a refill, Oxygen Cylinder BD has you covered. Keep in mind, though, that the refill service is currently limited to Dhaka city only.

Your Oxygen Lifeline, Just a Call Away

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Services

 Oxygen Cylinder BD isn’t just any oxygen provider – it’s an “Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service Company.” They offer a wide range of portable and standard-sized medical oxygen cylinders, and their shop is open 24/7. Convenience at its best. Call them at 8801712639669 for quick and efficient service.

The Full Oxygen Setup

Everything You Get with a Full Oxygen Cylinder Setup

When you choose Oxygen Cylinder BD for your oxygen needs, you get a complete setup that includes:

  • A Medical Oxygen Cylinder Bottle
  • A Flowmeter or Oxygen Regulator
  • An Oxygen Face Mask or Nasal Cannula
  • An Oxygen Cylinder Moving Trolley
  • And the cherry on top – Free Home Delivery in Dhaka City

Oxygen Cylinder Specs

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder Specifications

Let’s talk details:

  • Height: 3 feet
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Gas Pressure: 1900 to 2000 psi
  • Flow Rate: 1 to 15 LPM

In times of emergency, you need a cylinder that you can rely on, and these specifications ensure just that.

 Oxygen Cylinder Rental package Price in BD
 oxygen cylinder rent 7 days 2500 Taka
 oxygen cylinder rent 10 days 3,000 Taka
 oxygen cylinder rent 15 days 3,500 Taka
 oxygen cylinder rent 30 days 5,000 Taka

Save Money and the Day

Emergency Oxygen Service 24/7

Oxygen Cylinder BD is not just about delivering oxygen; it’s about delivering peace of mind. Their 24/7 emergency oxygen service can be a lifesaver when you need it most. Quick, reliable, and affordable – that’s what they stand for.

Selling Your Used Oxygen Cylinder

Selling Used China Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Got a used oxygen cylinder lying around? Oxygen Cylinder BD is interested. When selling, make sure to clean the regulator, cylinder, and remove any personal information. Send a clear picture to their WhatsApp number, and give them a call to confirm. You could usually get 38% of the purchase price, but it might vary.

Buying from Oxygen Cylinder BD

Buy Oxygen Cylinder: A Win-Win

Thinking of buying an oxygen cylinder? Consider Oxygen Cylinder BD. When you purchase from them, you’re not only ensuring your oxygen needs are met but also potentially getting back 38% of the purchase price. Just send a clear picture of your cylinder to their WhatsApp number, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Buying from Other Companies

Considering Other Sellers

If you already own an oxygen cylinder purchased from another company, no worries. Send them a picture on WhatsApp, and they’ll assess the value. Typically, you can get around 30% of the original price. Proof of purchase may be required.

The China Connection

China Medical Oxygen Cylinders: A Closer Look

You might wonder why they’re called “China Oxygen Cylinders.” These cylinders are imported from China and distributed in Bangladesh. Various oxygen traders in Bangladesh source these cylinders from China, and then local oxygen traders distribute them. It’s a lifeline that transcends borders.

Trust in Quality

Reliable and Affordable

China Oxygen Cylinders may not have a specific management owner in Bangladesh, but they have something more important – a reputation for being reliable and affordable. They are the go-to choice for home oxygen use, and for a good reason.


In Dhaka, Bangladesh, where every breath matters, China Medical Oxygen Cylinders are the trusted lifeline. With affordable pricing, 24/7 service, and the assurance of quality, these cylinders are more than just medical equipment – they are life-savers. Whether you’re in need or considering selling your used cylinder, Oxygen Cylinder BD has got you covered. Breathe easy, Dhaka.


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