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Owgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

৳ 39,500.00
৳ 39,000.00

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 5L


  • 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, with nebulizer function.
  • It has a nebulizer  function.

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Owgles 5-L Oxygen ConcentratorOwgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator

The Owgels Oxygen Concentrator OZ-5-01 TW0 (5LP) is an advanced device designed to provide efficient oxygen production, ensuring a high concentration of 93.3% to meet medical requirements. Here’s a detailed product description:

  1. Efficient Oxygen Production: The concentrator boasts a 5L/min flow rate, delivering a high concentration of 93.3%, ensuring it meets medical standards effectively.
  2. Intelligent Alarm System: Equipped with an AB-level intelligent alarm system, the device prioritizes safety, providing timely alerts when necessary.
  3. Atomization Function: The concentrator serves a dual purpose with fine atomization and successful treatment capabilities, enhancing its versatility in medical applications.
  4. Patent Protection: Backed by 8 EU-approved patented technologies, this device stands as an authoritative and trustworthy solution in the market.
  5. Original Imported Components: The Owgels Oxygen Concentrator features a German oil-free compressor and a CECA molecular sieve from France, ensuring the use of high-quality, reliable components.
  6. Stable Oxygen Supply: Capable of producing oxygen continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this concentrator guarantees a stable oxygen supply, contributing to your health and well-being at all times.
  7. Low Battery Warning: The device includes a low battery warning feature, ensuring users are informed in advance, preventing unexpected interruptions.
  8. Automatic Switch-Off: To enhance safety, the concentrator is designed to switch off automatically when needed, adding an extra layer of protection for users.
  9. Portability: The product includes a convenient holding strap and a belt pouch, making it easy to carry and ensuring accessibility wherever you go.

The Owgels Oxygen Concentrator OZ-5-01 TW0 (5LP) is a reliable and innovative solution for those in need of a consistent and high-quality oxygen supply. Experience peace of mind with its intelligent features and cutting-edge technology.


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