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Oxygen Cylinder Rent 30 Day

৳ 5,100.00
৳ 5,000.00

Oxygen Cylinder Rent Service in Dhaka Bangladesh – First Home Delivery.

  • One Oxygen Cylinder with Refill: Always have a fresh supply of …

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Oxygen Cylinder Rent 30 Day – Flexible Options for Your Health

Ensuring your health is our priority, and our Oxygen Cylinder Rent 30 Day service offers flexibility to match your needs. Choose from rental options of 7, 10, 15 days, or a full monthly plan, preventing unnecessary expenses. Our comprehensive package includes:

  • One Oxygen Cylinder with Refill: Always have a fresh supply of oxygen at your fingertips.
  • One Flow Meter: Precise control over oxygen flow for personalized therapy.
  • One Trolley: Portable and convenient for easy movement.
  • One Nasal Cannula/Oxygen Mask: Choose the option that suits your comfort.
  • Cylinder Capacity: 2000 psi
  • Usage Duration: One cylinder provides 11 hours of continuous usage at 2 litres/minute.

Rental Options

  • 7 Days: Ideal for short-term needs.
  • 10 Days: A slightly extended option for your convenience.
  • 15 Days: Balancing flexibility and value.
  • 30 Days (Monthly): Oxygen Cylinder Rent 30 Day Optimal for long-term health support.

Package Inclusions

  • Home Delivery & Cylinder Refill Price in Dhaka: Avail our 24/7 support and delivery services for only 800.

Key Features

  • Prevent Wastage: Choose the duration that matches your medical requirements, preventing unnecessary expenses.
  • Home Delivery Support 24/7: We are here for you, round the clock, ensuring seamless service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does one cylinder last at 2 litres/minute? A: Enjoy peace of mind with 11 hours of continuous oxygen therapy from one cylinder.

Q: Can I choose between a nasal cannula and an oxygen mask? A: Yes, the full set includes both options, ensuring your comfort during oxygen therapy.

Q: Is home delivery available 24/7? A: Absolutely! Our support, including home delivery and cylinder refill, is available 24/7 for your convenience.


Your health, your way! Choose the Oxygen Cylinder Rent plan that suits you best. With flexible options and round-the-clock support, we prioritize your well-being.


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