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Two Crank Hospital Bed Manual

৳ 32,000.00
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Two Crank Hospital Bed Manual

  • Detachable ABS head & footboard
  • Collapsed type aluminum alloy 6-stuff railing
  • Perforated powder …

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Two Crank Hospital Bed Manual

It seems like you’ve provided information about a specific hospital bed, which appears to be the “2 Cranks Manual Paramount Comfortable Hospital Bed.” Here’s a breakdown of the key features and specifications:

Bed Frame Material: Metal This indicates that the bed frame is constructed from metal, which is typically durable and sturdy for hospital use.

Bed Size: L2000 x W900 x H500mm The dimensions of the bed are 2000mm in length, 900mm in width, and 500mm in height. These dimensions are important for ensuring the bed fits in a healthcare facility and provides adequate space for the patient.

Function: 2 Function This bed has 2 functions, which typically refer to the adjustable positions that can be controlled manually. In this case, the two functions are the backrest adjustment (0-80 degrees) and the knee lift adjustment (0-40 degrees).

Handrail: 5 aluminum alloy folded The bed is equipped with five aluminum alloy handrails that can be folded. Handrails are important for patient safety and support.

Castors: 4 mute castors 125mm diameter The bed has four castors (wheels) with a diameter of 125mm. The term “mute castors” likely means that they operate quietly.

Loading Weight: 180kgs This hospital bed can support a maximum weight of 180 kilograms (approximately 396 pounds). This is important for ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Certificate: CE/ISO The bed is certified with CE (Conformité Européene) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, indicating that it meets certain quality and safety requirements.

Warranty: 2 Years The bed comes with a 2-year warranty, which provides assurance of its quality and durability.

Packing size: 1979420cm by carton This is the size of the package (carton) in which the bed is delivered, with dimensions of 197cm in length, 94cm in width, and 20cm in height.

This information provides an overview of the specifications and features of the Two Crank Hospital Bed Manual you mentioned. It’s designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and ensure patient comfort and safety.


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