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Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator 5L

Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator 5 L

Experience a Breath of Fresh Air with the Yuwell 7F-5W 5L Oxygen Concentrator! Take control …


Yuwell 7F-5W 5L Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator 5 L


Product Name Oxygen Concentrator
Model 7F-5W
Brand Yuwell
Weight 28 Kg
Oxygen Concentration Greater Than or equals 90%
Oxygen Flow 1-5 L/min
Size 445x372x680 mm
Input Power 500 VA
Power Supply 220V +/-22V, 50Hz +/-1 Hz
Output Pressure 30-70 kPa
Operation Noise Less Than or Equals 60dB(A)
oxygen concentration ≥90%
output pressure 30~70kPa
operation noise ≤60dB(A)


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